About Studio

Good interior is like a passport. It gives an impression of the person and it is in some way difficult to live without it. Creating interiors in which everyone will be able to find his own continuation is the task and the mission of HQ Design Studio. Our credo is to be able to listen and hear the client, without dictating personal preferences but offering interesting and creative ideas. We are ready to overtake all the fuss and bother in creation of the Dream House, starting from developing the reconstruction schematics to the last stroke of the renovation. You can rely on us.
The founder of the Studio

Irina Skorokhod

From early childhood she loved tinkering, doing all kinds of crafts. She has been professional dancer for 15 years. Irina studied design in London. Her favorite designers are Kelly Hoppen and Philippe Stark. She likes white. Her favorite interior style is modern. Irina loves animals, transparent furniture and does not imagine her life without dogs

Irina Skorokhod - photo in HQ Design Studio

Евгений Кондратенко

С детства зачитывался приключенческими романами. Дизайнер-визуализатор по призванию. Любимые интерьерные стили – минимализм и ар-деко. Предпочитает сдержанную цветовую гамму. Увлекается творчеством Жака Эмиля Рульманна. Профессионально занимается икебаной, свободное время посвящает рыбалке. Любит Леся Подервянского и научную фантастику.

Евгений Кондратенко  - photo in HQ Design Studio
PR specialist, linguist, writer

Anastasia Grinevich

She defended her thesis in the theory of literature. She creates original events in design. Her favorite styles are province, vintage, and Ukrainian modernism. Anastasia believes her "godmother" in the field of design is her previous place of work, the Ukrainian magazine "Arkhidea". She loves traveling, hand-made and Fowls novels.

Anastasia Grinevich - photo in HQ Design Studio
Architect, designer

Vasyl Kleba

Vasyl has graduated from the Kosovo Institute of the Applied and Decorative Arts, National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. His favorite architectural style is postmodernism. He works with modern style, minimalism, and loft. He builds houses. Vasyl is inspired by Michael Graves and Ricardo Bofil. He likes jazz, sea and silence.

Vasyl Kleba - photo in HQ Design Studio

Victoria Mytkina

Victoria draws in watercolor and pencil. Her favorite game as a child was Lego. It obviously influenced the choice of profession. The main interior styles are minimalism, futurism, and contemporary. Her favorite designer is Zaha Hadid. Victoria works in figural design. Her favorite colors are black and white. She loves éclairs, children and Hollywood movies

Victoria Mytkina - photo in HQ Design Studio
Дизайнер интерьера - разработчик чертежей

Гавриш Наталья

Создает коллекции авторских предметов интерьера, успешно строит дома, гостиницы, рестораны и кинотеатры, оформляет своей же дизайнерской мебелью и декором интерьеры квартир, баров, офисов и бутиков, занимается социальными проектами. Основное направление в дизайне – современный стиль, включающий минимализм, эклектику, лофт

Гавриш Наталья  - photo in HQ Design Studio