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5 Rules of competent bed choice

1. The size and shape. Determine the optimal length depending on your height. The minimum margin should be at least 10 centimetres, but for maximum comfort the bigger one is recommended. As for the shape, the most reasonable choice is a standard rectangle. But if you seek the exquisite originality and want to buy a round, oval, c-shaped or even a heart-shaped bed, you will definitely encounter difficulties. Not only it takes up more space, but you will have to make special sew orders for linen. And do not forget about the selection of blankets and rugs.

2. Frame. There are two basic types of frames: with two supporting backs and two side panels, or four side panels and backs, supported by the legs or the podium. It is believed that the frames with legs are less durable, but if the assembly is of high quality, it does not matter which option you choose, the frame will serve you a long time.

3. Base. Note that will be underneath it. You can choose the classic version, where there is nothing underneath it, then the mattress will be well ventilated, and this is important. But if you want to save space, the lifting base with concealed compartments or base with drawers would be a great option.

4. Mattress. Everything is very individual. Explore the options, talk to your doctor if you have back problems. Also come to the salon and do not hesitate to lie down for at least five minutes on the mattress of your liking in your usual sleeping position before you buy anything. This is absolutely normal practice, because later you will spend at least 8 hours a day in this bed.

5. Budget. Do not save on such an important purchase, as many experts agree that the cause of almost all back problems is an uncomfortable bed.