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Choosing the right architect or designer

When choosing a designer or architect, you're bound to deal with a lot of nuances: where to find professionals, what the rates for their services are and how to choose one from a huge list of studios. These and other important questions are answered by HQ Design Studio.
First, decide on a budget. The larger your budget, the higher the status and professional level of the company you will be able to involve, respectively, all your wishes will be implemented at best. After all, with a big budget you can afford paying the services of the company, which employees are real experts and which portfolio is more than impressive. It's worth noting that work with high quality materials, fixtures and furniture can be carried out only by true professionals. Because if you want to make your premises really exclusive and impressive, it is better not to save on design services. If you plan a little refurbishment and scope of work is not so great, you can contact specialists of the average level of skill, but always with a good education and diverse portfolio.


About prices

What is pricing process in this market? What do you need to know before planning the budget for repair? In this area, it is common to establish the prices for work performance on per m² basis, and prices can fluctuate within $ 10-100 range for design and $ 8-30 range for the architecture. As you can see, the range is quite wide. The cost will also depend on the complexity of the work, materials and skills of the designer or architect. As a rule, the larger the area, the lower the price per square meter, and vice versa. As for the architectural design, the situation is slightly different, the rate is flat. The main thing that affects the pricing - the area and the complexity of the project, the scope of work and schedule.
Thus, the larger and more complex the project, the greater the costs - but the risks are minimized. After all, your home, office or any other premises are an important part of yourself!


The search for specialists

How do you find the professionals? How not to stumble on the scams and get the best results? Let's work out an actions plan step by step.
Take into account that expensive does not always mean quality. Alas, there is always the opportunity to stumble upon pseudo-professionals that offer you their services at exorbitant prices and do not do their work qualitatively. In such cases it is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations and to listen to your intuition. On the Internet you will find a lot of studios of different levels of expertise. Talk with friends; get advice and short list some candidates. Make an appointment to several experts. In the meeting learn about their education, work experience and, of course, examine the portfolio carefully. Do not neglect the purely psychological compatibility: you have to work with these people for a long time, and it will require a full understanding. Trust your instinct; make sure that you and the designer share vision of the process; that the designer understands what you want. A true professional understands your needs and knows how to do everything even better than you imagine. Take this issue with all the responsibility, because you trust this person the space that will surround you.