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Basic mistakes when planning repairs

HQ Design Studio has collected the most common mistakes that people make daring doing repair themselves.

First mistake: the very planning in fact. Approach the process responsibly, learn the styles, trends, watch videos about design and make the full picture of what you want.

Second mistake: timing. You must understand that real repair is not a cut version of the Housing Issue TV show. You cannot go away for two days, and return into the fairy-tale. Do not idealize this process and plan where you will live all the time, until your home will be on the way of transformation from ruins into beauty.

The third mistake: the budget. Calculate every cent, the cost of each nail. Otherwise you will find yourself in a situation where you’ve got money for glue and haven’t got it for wallpaper. In this case, the repair can take years (surely you know such cases).

The fourth mistake: copying. Prepare yourself and look at examples of design - it is the right thing to do. But it is necessary to stick to the rules: to be alike is possible; to be a copycat is unacceptable. Your apartment reflects your personality. Be yourself and let your place be special.

The fifth mistake: "I will do everything myself." Just believe, it will not be so, you will learn all the construction supermarkets of your city, you will lose precious hours of your life, and likely will be disappointed in this venture.

Let everyone do their job and trust the professionals. In the end, they will plan out, make an estimate and take into account all your wishes. You will have time for own business, save the nerves and as a result will get your house back in the best possible way.